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Koala Quest: Parenthood Prevention

Koala recently got knocked up and it's up to her and her neighbors to find the herbs necessary to terminate pregnancy.

  • Action!

  • Diplomacy!

  • Adventure!

  • Elemento!

This multi-genre game has it all! 

Beat the game to unlock another!

Game Jolt  |

Genre: Multi-Genre  |  Rating: C-

Released March 2016 by David and Sage | Development time: 1 month.

Chimera Crusader: Defender of Dominicus

King Dominicus orders his top Paladin to slay the terrible Chimera. But before they'll be able to defeat it, they'll have to build up strength by slaying everything else in their path. It's about as minimal as an RPG can get.

Translation to Spanish by Sage.

Game Jolt  |

Genre: Traditional RPG  |  Rating: C+

Released March 2016 by David  |  Development time: On and off for a year.

The Old Qbasic Games

Here are all of the old MansterSoft Qbasic games.

Run these on any device that's compatible with DOS or DOSBox.


  • Mr. Dude

  • Paladin's Quest

  • Bunnyear Fucker

  • Bear Goggles

  • Alone in a Well-Lit Room

  • Turtluv

  • Dancing Squidly Jones

  • Chimp Knife Fight

  • Snail Party.

Everyone has to get their start somewhere.

Download it here.

Genre: Varies  |  Rating: Pretty Bad

Released from 2006 to 2012 by David and Friends  |  Development time: Varies

Turtle Love II: Still Luvin'

Turtluv 2 is a non-game where you follow around a Turtle who just hit sexual maturity. Naturally, all he wants to do is sex up other turtles, so you'll be seeing a lot of that.


This new version boasts two new areas, improved music, vastly improved animation, and way more stuff for the Turtle to do. Turtluv 2 also includes a small degree of interactivity in the form of messing with the octave, speed, and note duration of the in-game music (or you can just mute it all-together).


 Game Jolt |

Genre: Life Simulator  |  Rating: B-

Released March 2016  by David | Development time: On and off for a year.

Oatboy vs. Slime Mold

Fast-Paced, Arcade Style, Action-Packed fun! Play as a mobile, sentient, Oat who has to keep away from a hungry Slime Mold.

Touch the slimey trail it has left behind and you’ll die, but you can blast through it using your shield.

Get at least 2000 points to unlock Seizure Mode.

Avena vs. Moho del Lodo; Una versión en Español es disponible.

Spanish translation by Sage.


Game Jolt  |

Genre: Arcade Dodger |  Rating: B+

Released May 2016  by David | Development time: A few Weeks.

The Mr. Dude 4-in-1 Poopy Pak

This pack contains one less-than-perfect MansterSoft classic and three other games that were either prototypes, test-programs, or just plain poopy.

The included games are...

  • Mr. Dude's Grand Adventure

  • Quint and Chico Hate Jermy

  • E.X.O.R.C.I.S.M. (2-Player Only)

  • Dancing Squidly Jones

All of the games have been polished up and are certifiably playable and complete.

Game Jolt  |

Genre: Multi-Genre  |  Rating: C-

Released March 2017  by David |  Development time: Varied

Six Trapped Pets

The fat orange house cat had lived in the basement cold room of the rural estate for as long as it could remember; eating the food their owner would attempt to store. There were many other house pets who resided in the house, but the cat never saw them.

One day the food stopped, and the cat had to venture out of the basement. The owner had disappeared, the other pets were famished, and there was no observable way out. Being the only nourished pet in the house, the fat orange house cat sets out to find an exit.

Play as the fat orange house cat and explore the rural estate's brightly colored rooms while getting-to-know your fellow house mates.  Each object you find, each animal you meet, and each puzzle you solve will lead you one step closer to escape.

Cat Game's features include...

  • Old School adventure game play without the extreme difficulty of the classic titles

  • Text-based graphics

  • 15 brightly-colored and uniquely furnished rooms

  • 9 characters with unique personalities

  • Relaxing and immersive ambiance

  • Several mini-games.

The game is pretty much done. Hopefully it will be released Spring of 2018

Genre: Adventure  |  Rating: N/A

In Development by David | Development time: Years & years

Dahlia & the Big Coaster

"Dahlia and the Big Coaster" is a very short and sweet Text Adventure about a little girl at the fair who'll do whatever it takes to ride the Big Roller Coaster.

Deal with your overbearing mother; talk to Psychics, Clowns, and a Fat Man; and most importantly, ride the Big Coaster!

"Dahlia and the Big Coaster" is Sage's first solo game. She previously worked on Koala Quest & on translating some of the other titles.

Game Jolt  |

Genre: Text Adventure |  Rating: B

Released May 2017 by Sage |  Development time: A few days

Route 24

Route 24 is an art game about driving through rural Illinois and Indiana via U.S. Route 24. It's a little hyperbolic, but not as much as you might think. Just like the real-life experience, the game is less about skill and more about endurance.

The MansterSoft duo had recently just traveled from Eastern PA to Southern MN, and in an effort to dodge Chicago and Indianapolis traffic we used Route 24. This game tries to capture the essence of that highway, so it's not very fun.

Game Jolt  |

Genre: Text Adventure |  Rating: D+

Released May 2017 by David |  Development time: 4 Hours


Think you have what it takes to take home the big horsey trophy? It won't be easy. You'll have to traverse 2,420 meters of deadly side-scrolling obstacles. Perfect timing and fine precision will be key.

If that sounds too hard, you could always create your own course using the world's easiest level editor.

Or, you could challenge a friend to race mode, where the obstacles are just as treacherous, but completely harmless.

If you have an unconditional fear of horses, then you can travel to South America, shrink in size, and ride the capybaras.

Other features include...

  • Sweet sweet one-button action

  • Old School 70's and 80's Microcomputer-style graphics and goodness

  • 1-bit scrolling background

  • Beautiful monophonic sound effects and medleys

  • High Scores and stuff

Game Jolt |

Genre: Runner  |  Rating: B+

Released August 2017 by David | Development time: 2 Months

The MansterSoft 3-in-1 Fun Pak

This pack contains remastered versions of Chimp Knife Fight and Snail Party + DIG or DIE, a concept that had been sitting on my hard drive in the form of an incomplete demo for about 7 years.

The included games are...

  • DIG or DIE (2-Player Only)

  • Chimp Knife Fight

  • Snail Party

Dig that public domain introduction music!

Game Jolt  |

Genre: Multi-Genre  |  Rating: B-

Released May 2016  by David |  Development time: Varied